Commercial – Dairy Farmers of Ontario

A recent cheese commercial I shot in Toronto for Dairy Farmers of Ontario. The commercial was filmed in Spring 2015.

Theatre – The Bay Street Performers

I started the Bay Street Performers first and foremost because I’ve had a life long love affair with acting. I often thought to myself, I wonder if there is a way to merge both my corporate world with my artistic life and at the same time give back to my community. Don’t get me wrong, I’m […]

Short Film – Feng Shui

Introduction: I had a wonderful time shooting this comedy with the cast and working with Brett Heard on yet another fun project. The opportunity to play Janet, a small town cop who doesn’t miss a beat, was an absolute joy! Plot Outline: A family run Feng Shui business stumbles upon a loop hole of creating […]

TV Pilot – See You Next Tuesday

Introduction: I had a blast working on this recent TV Pilot with Brett Heard and our cast of seven beautiful, funny, and charming ladies. Going to rehearsals with these women over the last year was truly an honour, as I was constantly learning from each one of them. They’re all so vibrant and unique! I believe […]

Theatre – Toronto Monologue Slam

I will be competing in the upcoming Toronto Monologue Slam this Sunday evening at one of the coolest little studio’s, Unit 102. Premise of this Challenge:  The Toronto Monologue Slam features local up and coming actors performing an intimate and electrifying monologue in a battle to be titled ‘Toronto’s Best Actor’. With two rounds, each contestant […]

Theatre – ‘Supperfesta’ wins The Patrons’ Pick at the Toronto Fringe Festival!

I just read that our show won the Patrons’ Pick award for the Robert Gill Theatre – Yeha! This means that we have a second performance this Sunday, July 14th (at 6:45)….hopefully this will create interest for our next few performances. The award is based on “a combination of ticket sales after the first four […]

Commercial – Unstoppable: A Canadian Paralympic Committee commercial

Where’s Waldo?…aka where is the bad ass cop in this commercial shoot? I was all excited to finally book a role as a cop and put on that uniform but by booking this role, it meant an overnight shoot standing around for 15 hours making sure I looked important in case the camera caught a glimpse […]

Theatre – You’re invited to Supperfesta at the 2013 Toronto Fringe Festival

That’s right… you’re all invited to our dinner party, Supperfesta! I am proud to announce that I will be getting up on stage again to make all of you laugh your asses off for a full 90minutes. Please read details carefully and book off a show date now that works for your schedule in July. […]

Short Film – Online Date Gone Horribly Wrong

This was a fun and light short film to work on. The production crew was extremely friendly and professional, and my lovely cast mate aka my date was a pleasure to work alongside. Plot Outline: ‘Changing Gears’ is a short film about two strangers that meet online and come together for an awkward first date. […]

Theatre – The Shakespeare Challenge this year is ‘The Tempest’

As you may or may not know,  I am officially one week away from my Toronto stage debut; I have been a production of  with rehearsing a production of “The Tempest” with Shakespeare In Action. After only 6 weeks of rehearsal, myself and 10 other Toronto Actors will be taking the stage at the Arts & Letters Club on Saturday, February 23rd […]

Commercial – ‘Minto 30 Roe Condominiums’

I got to work with Canwood Entertainment and Minto Developers on this fun shoot.  I also got to work alongside the handsome and talented Steve Bewley. Everyone was professional but laid back at the same time, which made the shoot that much more enjoyable. It also rocked because they ordered us the best sushi in […]

TV Show – Highlights from Mantracker

My dream role is to book a lead in an Action Film or TV series. After seeing Mantracker on television for the first time, my initial thought was “if I got on this show, I could get some really great action footage for my demo reel.”  I wouldn’t normally do a reality show since it’s […]

Animation – Another clip from ‘The99’ released

My character, Alex Higgins, comes in right at the beginning of this short clip “Come on Nawaf, you can do it!”…short but sweet. You’ll just have to wait for the entire episode to come out soon :) xoJB

TV Series – My Lost Girl episode ‘Mirror, Mirror’

I had a great time on the set of this show. I got to play a crazy-ass soccer mom who tries to kill the lead actor. My appearance (at 9:20) is definitely short but super intense. How well do you think I did angry and ‘crazy-ass’? Show: Lost Girl Network: Showcase Genre: Drama Episode: #2, […]

Demo Reel – Check out my updated Reel

It takes awhile to collect your footage from everything you’ve done whether it’s a short film or a tv appearance. I finally stopped being lazy and got some stuff together to show you guys. Here you go <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe> xoJB

TV series – My Mantracker Episode, ‘Mercedes and Jessie’, Aired on OLN

My friend Mercedes and I filmed an episode of Mantracker for season 7 and it just aired on Outdoor Life Network July 4th, 2012. I’m so pumped to finally reveal to the world the outcome of our chase!  The show was an amazing opportunity to get some action footage and hang out with cowboys for […]

Voice Animation – Short clip of episode #9 from The99 released on Youtube

Check out a short clip of the character that I voice, Alex Higgins, in the animation series The99. Short clips are slowly being revealed on Youtube of each episode, as a little teaser before the full show gets released worldwide in 2014. In the episode below, my character gets trapped in a well trying to get […]

Video – Coming Soon!

The new site is going to have a lot of small sketches that portray certain emotions. The ‘Jessie Feels…’ video shoot was one of my favourite shoots relating to the new site. After trying for four hours to find a studio space to shoot these videos Elise and I resorted to an afternoon of mimosas […]

…And We’re Live!

Today is the day I’ve always dreamed of. I have the most amazing website ever. Thanks to my trusty co-pilots. We’ve spent hours, days, I mean weeks of work on it. Well to be honest, Elise and Wes did most of the work, I just provided all of the amazing talent. I’ve learned many great […]

Animation – I’m a 10 Year Old Boy!

This job has been extremely fun to work on and has really challenged me. Below is a preview clip of the show the99, which comes this year! I voice a 10 year old boy named Alex Higgins. It’s been great getting back into my pre-puberty voice. Apparently Barrack Obama gave the tv series a huge […]

Animation – The99 Trailer released

I recorded 17 episodes for the voice of a 10 year old boy named Alex Higgins aka Raquib the Watcher. The entire 6 months of recording this animation series was a blast. Between Susan Hart’s excellent direction, the amazing meals they fed us, the talented cast I got to work alongside and the couple sessions […]

Sketch Comedy – Jessie as Mayor of Mississauga Hazel McCallion

That’s right, you read my new post correctly! I had the privilege of playing the mayor of Mississauga, Hurricane Hazel. I wrote and performed the sketch about the 91 year old political mogul for my Second City Conservatory Grad 6 show, Contemporary Insanity. I had an absolute blast on stage interacting with my cast members, […]

Commercial – Cervarix ‘Tattoo Punch’

That’s right the commercial I voiced for Cervarix is coming back on air 2011 and even in 2012. Most actors know what that means…residuals baby! I apologize if my voice has been haunting you and you can’t sleep at night anymore, but the point of the commercial is give you an uncomfortable feeling. It’s a pretty […]

TV Series – Jessie Behan on Mantracker

Just got back from the bush with one of my best buds after dealing with the Mantracker! That’s right, my friend Mercedes and I auditioned for the Discovery show by sending in our audition tape (below) this past year. We shot the episode (which airs September 2012 on Discovery) up in Elliot Lake, Ontario and […]

Host – Jessie Behan as Joan Rivers!

I felt so privileged to welcome guests on the Red Carpet at the Friends for Life 6 Gala as Joan Rivers. The event took place at the Capital Theatre at Yonge and Eglinton in Toronto. I dressed up in everything Joan; gaudy jewels, sexy hair, low rustic voice and tonnes of jokes. Thankfully I don’t […]

Sketch Comedy – Jessie Behan reveals her Curly Hair Technique

I hate having to deal with my hair sometimes. I figured out the ultimate quick and easy way to have sexy curls in 5 minutes or less. My girlfriends were baffled at my ability to have curly hair one day and pin straight hair the next. I have perfected the secret and am finally sharing it with […]

Sketch Comedy – Girls Love Dogs

Why are we attracted to dogs, I mean men? This sketch comedy piece was way too fun to put together with Chesterfields. Everything was ad-libbed and we ladies very easily shared a moment in the park discussing our dogs, I mean men. Shit. I keep mixing the two of those up! Check out the video. […]

Sketch Comedy – Second City Conservatory 6 Grad Show ‘Contemporary Insanity’ gets a REMOUNT!

Thanks to the 300 audience members that came out to see Contemporary Insanity last week in the Second City Mainstage Space. We got a REMOUNT show because we sold out and it’s all thanks to YOU!!!!!! Please spread the word on our upcoming remount of the show. xoJB

Demo Reel – New reel finally updated!

Check out my new demo reel compliments of Creative E. You’re the best Elise! The killer mime still cracks me up :) xoJB

Media – Finding Fame: My interview with Global News

Is our culture, especially our younger generation obsessed with fame? This is the question that Global TV news reporter was looking to answer. In this video I was interviewed at Second City, where I was performing a sketch show that night, on my definition of fame and how I personally felt about becoming an overnight […]

Host – I shot and interviewed local talent!

I had the opportunity to interview the cast and production crew of Something’s Rocking in Denmark at the St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It’s shaping up to be a great show! I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty proud of myself considering I booked the interview, shot, edited, and scored this […]

Media – Interview about ‘Bride Has a Massive Hair Wigout’ Youtube hit

Chelsea Conway interviewed me on my involvement and experience of being one  of the wigout girls acting in the Bridezilla Youtube Hit. In the interview, I revealed what it felt like to experience overnight success after the video reached 9 million hits worldwide and was thrust into the spotlight. It’s crazy because not a lot of […]