Sketch Comedy – Jessie as Mayor of Mississauga Hazel McCallion

That’s right, you read my new post correctly! I had the privilege of playing the mayor of Mississauga, Hurricane Hazel. I wrote and performed the sketch about the 91 year old political mogul for my Second City Conservatory Grad 6 show, Contemporary Insanity. I had an absolute blast on stage interacting with my cast members, who were spread out in the audience.

I came up with this sketch when I was living in Port Credit ¬†for a year and became infatuated with the 91 year old Mayor. I started googling her and read thousands of articles about what she had done for the city. I think I was more intrigued as to how someone could be elected for 32 years in a row at the ripe age of 91. I thought, “shouldn’t she be in a home or at least not be allowed to drive? How does someone that age embody so much energy? How does she write, talk, eat etc.. let alone run a city?”…so many questions that I guess only God can answer so I should just start writing”….and I did. I hope you like. Spitz helped me with her rap at the end. I hope you like it :) xoJ