…And We’re Live!

Today is the day I’ve always dreamed of. I have the most amazing website ever. Thanks to my trusty co-pilots. We’ve spent hours, days, I mean weeks of work on it. Well to be honest, Elise and Wes did most of the work, I just provided all of the amazing talent. I’ve learned many great things through the process of a project like this: Kijiji is a great place to find sketchy studios in back alleys with questionable asian photographers. Emails that consist of only subject lines bung up your inbox quickly. When studio bookings fall through mimosas and ceasars are the direction you should go. Headsets prove your legitimacy as a web designer. Wine makes you a better actress.  Elise’s talent blows my mind and you should contact her if you need a website right here.

It’s been a slice. I would love to know your thoughts on the site. Leave me a comment. Roger. Roger. 10-4. Over and out. xo JB.

***disclaimer: I promise that I wrote this entire post myself. Elise did NOT write it. I swear***