Commercial – Unstoppable: A Canadian Paralympic Committee commercial

Where’s Waldo?…aka where is the bad ass cop in this commercial shoot? I was all excited to finally book a role as a cop and put on that uniform but by booking this role, it meant an overnight shoot standing around for 15 hours making sure I looked important in case the camera caught a glimpse of me.

That being said, you’re probably wondering why I even bothered posting this commercial seeing that I’m barely in it. I wanted to share this commercial with everyone because the Paralympic Athlete running in it, is the bad ass HERO you absolutely want to see! As an elite athlete and runner myself, this young man truly was amazing to be on set with as I was inspired by his story and what determination can do for you dreams.

Commercial premise:

The Paralympic Games are the pinnacle of the career of Paralympic athletes and motivate others to participate or engage in Paralympic events. The Paralympics take place every two years alternating between summer and winter Games. This commercial features a runner, who lost his legs in a car accident at a young age, and his life around a 200m track leading up to his accident. 

Check it out…

It will be running on television during the Paralympics and then online indefinitely so hopefully you get to see it again.