TV Series – My Lost Girl episode ‘Mirror, Mirror’

Showcase Lost Girl Episode 4: Mirror MirrorI had a great time on the set of this show. I got to play a crazy-ass soccer mom who tries to kill the lead actor. My appearance (at 9:20) is definitely short but super intense. How well do you think I did angry and ‘crazy-ass’?

Show: Lost Girl

Network: Showcase

Genre: Drama

Episode: #2, ‘Mirror, Mirror’. After a night of drinking, Kenzi puts a curse on Dyson that causes all women to hate him. To remove the sinister incantation, Bo and Kenzi must travel to a distant realm from which they may never return.

Director: Steve DiMarco

Writers: M.A. Lovretta (creator), Steve Cochrane

Full Cast & Crew:

The show is doing really well in their second season and being on set I was able to see how well the cast works together while having a great time.

xo JB.