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Animation – Another clip from ‘The99’ released

My character, Alex Higgins, comes in right at the beginning of this short clip “Come on Nawaf, you can do it!”…short but sweet. You’ll just have to wait for the entire episode to come out soon :) xoJB

Demo Reel – Check out my updated Reel

It takes awhile to collect your footage from everything you’ve done whether it’s a short film or a tv appearance. I finally stopped being lazy and got some stuff together to show you guys. Here you go <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe> xoJB

TV series – My Mantracker Episode, ‘Mercedes and Jessie’, Aired on OLN

My friend Mercedes and I filmed an episode of Mantracker for season 7 and it just aired on Outdoor Life Network July 4th, 2012. I’m so pumped to finally reveal to the world the outcome of our chase!  The show was an amazing opportunity to get some action footage and hang out with cowboys for […]

Voice Animation – Short clip of episode #9 from The99 released on Youtube

Check out a short clip of the character that I voice, Alex Higgins, in the animation series The99. Short clips are slowly being revealed on Youtube of each episode, as a little teaser before the full show gets released worldwide in 2014. In the episode below, my character gets trapped in a well trying to get […]

Animation – I’m a 10 Year Old Boy!

This job has been extremely fun to work on and has really challenged me. Below is a preview clip of the show the99, which comes this year! I voice a 10 year old boy named Alex Higgins. It’s been great getting back into my pre-puberty voice. Apparently Barrack Obama gave the tv series a huge […]

Animation – The99 Trailer released

I recorded 17 episodes for the voice of a 10 year old boy named Alex Higgins aka Raquib the Watcher. The entire 6 months of recording this animation series was a blast. Between Susan Hart’s excellent direction, the amazing meals they fed us, the talented cast I got to work alongside and the couple sessions […]

TV Series – Jessie Behan on Mantracker

Just got back from the bush with one of my best buds after dealing with the Mantracker! That’s right, my friend Mercedes and I auditioned for the Discovery show by sending in our audition tape (below) this past year. We shot the episode (which airs September 2012 on Discovery) up in Elliot Lake, Ontario and […]

Media – Finding Fame: My interview with Global News

Is our culture, especially our younger generation obsessed with fame? This is the question that Global TV news reporter was looking to answer. In this video I was interviewed at Second City, where I was performing a sketch show that night, on my definition of fame and how I personally felt about becoming an overnight […]