Media – Finding Fame: My interview with Global News

Is our culture, especially our younger generation obsessed with fame? This is the question that Global TV news reporter was looking to answer. In this video I was interviewed at Second City, where I was performing a sketch show that night, on my definition of fame and how I personally felt about becoming an overnight […]

Host – I shot and interviewed local talent!

I had the opportunity to interview the cast and production crew of Something’s Rocking in Denmark at the St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It’s shaping up to be a great show! I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty proud of myself considering I booked the interview, shot, edited, and scored this […]

Media – Interview about ‘Bride Has a Massive Hair Wigout’ Youtube hit

Chelsea Conway interviewed me on my involvement and experience of being one  of the wigout girls acting in the Bridezilla Youtube Hit. In the interview, I revealed what it felt like to experience overnight success after the video reached 9 million hits worldwide and was thrust into the spotlight. It’s crazy because not a lot of […]