Media – Finding Fame: My interview with Global News

Is our culture, especially our younger generation obsessed with fame?

This is the question that Global TV news reporter was looking to answer. In this video I was interviewed at Second City, where I was performing a sketch show that night, on my definition of fame and how I personally felt about becoming an overnight phenomenon with the famous Bridezilla Youtube Hit.

One minute I thought i was making this weird little bride video that a couple people would view and the next day I’m getting on a plane to NYC to go on Good Morning America, Mike and Juliet, and Inside Edition. The next week we were going on ET, MTV, and then we were heading out to LA to go on Jimmy Kimmel and host the Pre Oscar Special with Good Morning America. It’s hard to digest all that but I have a good take on things now. xoJB

Fame means something different to everyone but this is how I saw it I guess! …