Video – Coming Soon!

The new site is going to have a lot of small sketches that portray certain emotions. The ‘Jessie Feels…’ video shoot was one of my favourite shoots relating to the new site. After trying for four hours to find a studio space to shoot these videos Elise and I resorted to an afternoon of mimosas and bitching at the Queen Mother. That’s when google & our asian studio-owner hero saved the website! This is also when Jessie Behan felt HAPPY! Not only did we get to use his frigid garage studio that was warmed with his crackling space heaters but we also discovered multiple useful props. These props included; the chinese ‘Wedding Photography for Dummies’ book in the sneaky clip, the lovely fresh bouquet I walked down the aisle with in the married clip, Jakey’s hidden addiction that Mommy-Behan found in the maternal clip (turns out my asian hero has some hidden addiction’s as well) and finally a stellar pair of Imax 3D shades (lenseless… oops) that completed my nerd ensemble in the extra nerdy clip. Who knew anyone keeps any of these amazing props in their wedding photo studio? Thanks Google, for my diamond in the rough.