TV series – My Mantracker Episode, ‘Mercedes and Jessie’, Aired on OLN

mantrackerepisodeMy friend Mercedes and I filmed an episode of Mantracker for season 7 and it just aired on Outdoor Life Network July 4th, 2012. I’m so pumped to finally reveal to the world the outcome of our chase! ┬áThe show was an amazing opportunity to get some action footage and hang out with cowboys for a week. You’ll have to watch it to see how we did :)

TV show: Mantracker

Network: Outdoor Life Network, Discovery Channel

Starring: Jessie Behan & Mercedes Leggett

Plot Outline:

Actresses from Toronto, Mercedes and Jessie, take on the “NEW” Mantracker, Chad Savage, in the woods of Northern Ontario in Elliot Lake.┬áChad Savage believes these two city girls have no chance but little does he know how badass these two childhood tom girls really are! Only time will tell.

Here’s a teaser…

Let me know what you thought and if you need a partner in crime for anything in near future.