TV Show – Highlights from Mantracker

My dream role is to book a lead in an Action Film or TV series.

After seeing Mantracker on television for the first time, my initial thought was “if I got on this show, I could get some really great action footage for my demo reel.”  I wouldn’t normally do a reality show since it’s frowned upon in the acting world but this was different.

My motivation behind auditioning was first and foremost for an adventure but I knew it was an added bonus if I came away with some cool shots of me rock climbing, swimming, bushwacking, running etc.. so that I could show my athletic and badass side. You can judge for yourself if I achieved that after watching our episode.

Plot Outline:

Two actresses from Toronto, ON, Mercedes and Jessie, take on “the new” Mantracker, Chad Savage, in his first season as the tracker. This was the 4th episode of Season 7 and JEDES sure gave Savage and sidekick Phil a run for their money!

*This is an edited version of the full episode with just my footage. It’s only 11minutes long so it shouldn’t take up too much of your attention span.

Check out our full episode on Discovery or online on the ‘Mantracker’ Youtube channcel.